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Home / News / Industry News / Inset stoves are ideal for homes with large fireplaces

Inset stoves are ideal for homes with large fireplaces

A Convection Inset Stove features a closed convection box and a large combustion chamber that burns larger logs with ease. These stoves are stylish and compact, and feature a stay-cool handle for easy control. They also have a wide door made of glass or classic steel frame. Some models also feature an ECODESIGN ready door, which keeps the unit cool while burning.

A Convection Inset Stove is a convenient and cost-effective way to heat a home. This appliance is easily installed, and it is incredibly easy to install. Typically, inset stoves feature two or four hot air duct outlets on the top of the stove. These can be connected to an air duct in a wall and can be used in other rooms. To operate, the ducted hot air must return to the room where the stove is installed.

A Convection Inset Stove has an air vent mounted in the front face. This air vent will deliver hot air into a room. This type of appliance will not create smoke. It is ideal for rooms with low humidity levels. An inset stove can also be used to heat a basement. However, it is not recommended for rooms with high humidity levels. To avoid this issue, choose an inset stove with a flexi-lined convection box.

One of the most popular types of convection inset stoves is the 5.2kW Ekol Inset Plus 5kW model. This model is perfect for a 16 x 22 fireplace, and even allows you to install it higher up. A flexi-lined convection inset stove usually comes with a five-year warranty. Likewise, a Morso S140-41 offers a self-closing door and a guillotine style door.

The Beltane Holford Convection Inset Stove is an ideal choice for many homeowners. The 5.2kW stove has a closed convection box, and a spacious combustion chamber that is suitable for larger logs. Its streamlined design allows it to fit on a 16" British fireplace frame and a higher wall frame. A classic steel frame and glass door are available for this model. It can be white or black.

The Henley Castlecove inset stove is an eco-friendly option for many people. It features a defra-approved, EcoDesign-ready door. It has a classic steel frame and a 5.2kW convection inset stove. It is a great choice for many people and has an advanced territory air system for clean burning. Despite its traditional looks, it offers the highest efficiency and is highly efficient.

Inset stoves are ideal for homes with large fireplaces. The smallest of these stoves fits in a chimney breast. They can fit into a corner of a room, and are also ideal for people who want to have a stove with a chimney. Aside from its beautiful appearance, it offers many benefits. Its compact design makes it easy to integrate into any room, and its slim design makes it an ideal choice for small spaces.
Inset stoves are ideal for homes with large fireplaces

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