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A wood pellet stove is an energy-efficient heating appliance

Wood Pellet Stove - Very Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

A wood pellet stove is an energy-efficient heating appliance that uses wood as its fuel and wood-based biomass fuel, including sawdust from hardwood trees. In general the stove consists of a metal enclosed firebox, usually lined with fire brick, and at least one or several temperature controls. A wood stove starts with a small but efficient "starter" which can be ignited by means of a match or lighter. Wood is burned in the heat exchanger chamber located between the stove's opening and the outside wall of the house. In most cases, the air stream is carried through a chimney and out through the roof line.

Wood pellet stoves are best suited for use in small residential units that have no need for underfloor heating, since the amount of fuel used per day is minimal. Large families with a lot of wood on hand may consider purchasing an electric unit that uses propane or natural gas to supply fuel to the stove. Although there are both electric and gas units available, they tend to require a lot of maintenance to keep in working order. An electric pellet stove heats only one room at a time, so space requirements are minimal. There are also pellet stoves that utilize waste gas or cooking oil to burn, which may be more suitable for use in large, busy rooms.

While it appears to be similar to a fireplace, a wood pellet stove actually burns sawdust or small pieces of wood to produce heat. The heat produced is highly efficient and causes very little radiant energy to escape, making it highly efficient for domestic use. Many homeowners find that they like the look and feel of this type of furnace, since the product looks similar to a fireplace and can be installed in a variety of different styles and sizes. Some of these products also use sawdust or small wood chips to produce the heat, rather than traditional wood.

There are several benefits associated with this type of product. One of these is that they tend to use a great deal less fuel than a traditional fireplace, since the product does not burn wood. In addition, using this type of product saves money over time, since the unit does not have to continuously run. This reduces the need to purchase power, making it highly environmentally friendly, since the unit consumes much less energy than a traditional fireplace.

These types of heating systems are also highly efficient, because they use less energy than many other methods. They also tend to be more energy efficient than some types of forced air heating systems, since they do not require the high combustion pressures found in these systems. The high efficiency of the pellet-burning furnace eliminates all need for electricity, since it only requires a fraction of the electricity that a typical forced air heating system requires. Thus, wood pellets are being used to produce heat, rather than burning expensive fuel.

Wood pellet stoves also use very little energy to operate, since they only employ the heat from a single type of fuel - basically, compressed wood or sawdust. This makes the stove very cost effective and environmentally friendly. Because there is only one fuel source, the stove can maintain a constant temperature as long as there is wood or fuel in the form of pellets to provide heat. Also, these stoves usually do not require any water reservoir, since they do not burn fuel in the form of pellets. They can therefore save a great deal on the amount of water and energy needed to run a home.
A wood pellet stove is an energy-efficient heating appliance

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