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Wood is a natural, renewable and "CO2 neutral" fuel.

When you burn wood in a high efficiency Precise fireplace, the ratio of CO2 produced in the combustion is so low that the trees themselves absorb it through photosynthesis, transforming carbon back into wood. Contrary to what happens with fossil fuels, this absorption-release cycle can be repeated indefinitely, without producing an excess of CO2.

According to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, an increase in the amount of fuel from biomass would significantly reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on the planet. Our products are CE,EPA and ASNZS approved, which guarantees their performance in terms of efficiency and thermal values. Still, we work hard to overcome the strictest international controls, far exceeding the minimum requirements regarding performance, CO emissions and particles.

By lighting, you get a natural supporting heat in the house, which relieves the load on the house's main heating. It benefits both you and the environment.

A wood-burning stove is a heating appliance that burns wood logs to produce heat for a home. These stoves are typically made of cast iron or steel and are designed to burn wood efficiently and safely. They can be used as a primary source of heat or as a supplement to other heating systems. Wood-burning stoves come in a variety of sizes and styles, from small freestanding stoves to large fireplace inserts.

Our Wood Burning Stove is a three-drum design that minimizes the amount of smoke produced during burning. It has a built-in ash pan for easy disposal, and the cast iron door frame provides added heat retention and durability. Handcrafted from ¾ inch firebox thickness and 2 1/2 square rod steel.

NINGBO PRECISE MACHINERY CO., LTD is industry leading China Wood Stove Manufacturers and custom wood-burning stove suppliers since 1995. We strictly manufacture all products in compliance with ISO9001. Our products are CCC, CE, AS/NZS, OMNI approved. Factory then switched to manufacture pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves with higher technology and workmanship requirement since 2000. Products are customizable. Wholesale and Custom wood stoves no matter style, material, size and more available.
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Ningbo Precise Machinery, based in Xikou town, Ningbo city, is a professional manufacturer of hearth products in China. Starting with doing alcohol fireplace and electric fire in 1995., the company then switched to manufacture pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves with higher technology and workmanship requirement since 2000.

Heat your home with this great Wood Burning Stove. It's manufactured from a high quality cast iron which produces excellent radiant heat and also includes a built in stove pipe for easy installation. This is a great way to save on your utility bills. The Wood Burning Stove is a highly efficient, environmentally responsible and natural way to heat your home. Our wood pellet stove is designed to give you the most heat per pound of fuel. It won't crack, warp or rust and is extremely easy to use and maintain. The Wood Pellet Stove heats up to 3100 square feet of space and runs on wood pellets. This wood pellet stove uses the newest and most advanced technology, with sensors that help keep the stove operating at peak performance. The built-in fan delivers hot air into your room without causing drafts, so you can create a comfortable living environment.

The ECO Design 2023 is a solid fuel stove at its most efficient, cleanest and quietest. The ECO Stove is a contemporary stove that offers you attractive design, an abundance of different options and exceptional performance.

Industry Knowledge Extension
A wood burning stove is a heating appliance that burns wood to produce heat for a room or an entire house.The design of a wood burning stove is simple: a firebox where the wood is burned and a chimney to allow smoke and gases to escape. The stove is typically made of cast iron or steel and may have a glass door to allow the flames to be seen. Wood is loaded into the firebox through a door on the front or top of the stove, and air is regulated by dampers to control the intensity of the fire.
There are several types of wood burning stoves, including freestanding models, fireplace inserts, and cookstoves. Freestanding stoves can be placed anywhere in a room and are often used as a primary heat source. Fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside an existing fireplace and are an efficient way to convert a traditional fireplace into a more energy-efficient heating system. Cookstoves are designed not only to heat a room but also to provide a cooking surface for food.
Features of Wood Burning Stove:
Wood burning stoves are heating appliances that use wood as a fuel source to provide warmth and comfort to a space. These stoves come in various sizes, styles, and designs, but they all share some common features that make them effective heating solutions.
1.Combustion System: A wood burning stove has a combustion system that allows air to flow into the stove and feed the fire. This system consists of an air inlet, a damper, and a baffle. The air inlet allows fresh air to enter the stove, the damper controls the amount of air that enters the stove, and the baffle directs the air flow and creates a more efficient burn.
2.Firebox: The firebox is where the wood is burned. It is made of high-quality, heat-resistant materials like cast iron or steel. The size of the firebox varies depending on the size of the stove, but it should be large enough to hold a sufficient amount of wood to provide heat for a reasonable amount of time.
3.Chimney: The chimney is an essential part of the wood burning stove. It is responsible for carrying the smoke and exhaust gases from the fire out of the house. The chimney must be installed correctly to ensure that the stove operates safely and efficiently.
4.Heat Output: The heat output of a wood burning stove is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The amount of heat produced depends on the size of the stove and the quality of the wood being burned. A well-designed wood burning stove can provide enough heat to warm a large room or even an entire house.
How to Wood Burning Stove?
If you have a wood burning stove in your home or cabin, it can be a great source of heat and a cozy focal point for the room. Here are some steps to follow for using a wood burning stove:
1.Preparation: Before starting a fire, you will need to make sure the stove is clean and free of any debris. Remove ashes from previous fires and clean the glass window. You should also make sure that the stovepipe and chimney are clean and free of any obstructions.
2.Building the Fire: Start by crumpling up some newspaper and placing it on the bottom of the stove. Then, add a few small pieces of kindling on top of the newspaper. Once the kindling is lit, you can add larger pieces of wood.
3.Controlling the Airflow: Most wood burning stoves have a damper or air control system that allows you to adjust the amount of air that flows into the stove. You should keep the damper open until the fire is burning well, and then adjust it as needed to control the intensity of the fire.
4.Maintaining the Fire: Once the fire is burning well, you will need to continue adding wood to keep it going. You should add small amounts of wood at a time to prevent the fire from getting too hot. You should also use a poker to move the logs around and ensure that the fire is burning evenly.
5.Cleaning: After the fire has burned out and the stove has cooled, you should remove any ashes and debris from the stove. You should also clean the glass window and check the stovepipe and chimney for any obstructions.

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